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When you want to scale your business online, You can choose among many platforms available out there but choosing the right social media platform is a trick to master. it’s difficult to handle many social handles at the same time because there are many things involved in each social media handle when steady growth is to be considered.

so how can you choose the best social media platform which suits your business needs and will bring you top-notch quality leads that converts.

Step 1: Identify your audience

Very first thing you must do is to understand and define who your audience is. Try to be as accurate as possible. try answering below questions:

  • Who is your customer?
  • what is their age?
  • Are they male or female?
  • What interests them outside the box when compared with your product/ services.
  • How much they earn and what is their educational qualification.

these answers will help you to visually imagine your customer who is more likely to buy your product or service. you can also add more questions related to your industry to get a better crisp idea about your customers.

Step 2: Define your goals

So now you are well aware of your audience, let’s define goals. As a business owner, your primary goal will be to drive sales by attracting new leads however there are some other goals businesses have.

some brands use social media just to create brand awareness or to develop a friendly customer relationship.

For example, Disney+ Hotstar founded by Star India uses their tweeter handle @hotstar_helps to address customer service issues. Not only it helps them to reduce the weight on phone lines but also give a chance to their users to promote their brand.

while creating social media goals, take time, and think. Come up with some unusual ideas for your social media hands which will potentially work for your brand.

Step 3: Find your audience

understanding your audience

Now you have Defined your audience and your goals, let’s find your audience. So how you can find your audience?

you have to choose the right platform as per your business needs. where your potential customers hang out the most.

For example, if you’re a photographer then Instagram and Pinterest will work for your business model.

Besides overall Engagement and demographics, you should consider how every individual is using each social media platform.

Here are some Social media tips which will help you find your audience/ customers.


No doubt Facebook has more than 2.45 billion active users, it’s larger than India’s population. With such a huge amount of users, you must consider how every individual is using Facebook: to build a relationship with friends and family and to check on their old friends.

This user behavior makes Facebook an awesome platform for building loyalty and a personal relationship with your new and existing customers.

However, there is a drawback due to such a large audience your post will have limited reach and organic reach is very less on Facebook even you will see less post reach in your page network.

As you choose Facebook as your potential platform then choose your business goals wisely. If you’re trying to generate new business then Facebook might not be the best option for you but if you want to build a dedicated following of your client’s then this is a great platform for your business.


Creating Brand awareness is essential for every business and twitter is the best option you might have. With hashtags, you can organize the conversation around your tweets. you can always search hashtags to identify what people are talking about and engage them by utilizing the same in your tweets by crafting it uniquely. Don’t forget to engage with your audience.

Twitter is often used by news platforms to find trending Stories.

As Twitter provides real-time information to an audience many brands love to merge twitter with their offline activities.


Pinterest usually used as scrapbooking, it means people save their content by pinning visual graphics or images on board. DIY crafts, Photographs & recipes are common on this platform.

Considering Pinterest is a visually based social platform, you need creative, engaging graphics/ images to attract your audience. some of the successful businesses use Pinterest for sales.


YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users as of 2020, and the amazing thing is you don’t have to sign in to view videos on YouTube. YouTube is popular nowadays among learners.

YouTube is one of the best and most popular search engine platforms like google. Many people search for solutions which makes YouTube one of the best platform for service-oriented businesses. However, the competition is high on YouTube so remember your content has to be unique and must provide value.


LinkedIn is also known as “Business Platform”

one of the oldest social media platform for older audiences. LinkedIn is unique as it has a narrow focus on selected professions.

usually, people use LinkedIn to search for jobs and connect with brands.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms you can use to generate B2B (business to business) leads and recruiting some professional skilled employees.


 Facebook venture Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platform, Dominated by young audiences. Same like Pinterest, Instagram relies on visual graphics for conversion. Hence Instagram works well for businesses like food, art, beauty, and so on.

Being a new platform Instagram is less crowded so if you’re planning to generate leads then Instagram is the best place to hang around.

I hope this article helps you to understand how you can choose the right social media platform to improve your business.

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