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Getting Started with Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 3

Ever wonder where you are headed, what you are doing with your life, are you really happy with the things you achieved right now, how you see yourself 2 or 5 years down the line.
Most of us will say, I want to get an Audi for myself or something more fascinating wishes which could be or couldn’t come true.
And I am no exception to it.
It’s been 2 years now. I am exploring myself self and trying to get a breakthrough in digital marketing. Yes, you heard me right.

believe in your goals

So what makes me believe in Digital Marketing and making my dream reality?

All thanks to Mr. Deepak, a living example of how you should fight your obstacles and overcome your fear, If you have true passion and commitment towards your dream. If you’re being lazy then you’re not cheating others, you’re cheating yourself.

With big visions in my mind, I enrolled in a Digital marketing internship held by Mr. Deepak, and guess what. It started turning out a pretty fun and amazing experience I ever had in the webinar.

It’s about MASS TRUST which is a very important and crucial part of every digital marketer not to forget other important elements, though!

Learn, Understand & Grow

Let’s have a quick look at what I have learned in our very first Digital Marketing internship program.



Yes, It’s economy, Even I was shocked because I was clueless how the economy can affect our life but it’s crucial and we must have a brief idea about how the economy revolves around every Human being.
Depth creates money, and age groups do affect humans spending behaviors.
from now on I’ll make sure that I research more while creating my Facebook ad campaign. Age group matters a lot.

Essential Basic Skills for Every Sales Person:
I know! I said Salesperson, not Digital Marketer, Don’t you think being a Digital marketer we are either directly or indirectly creating sales for ourselves or someone else and getting paid, after all it’s money game, isn’t it ?



If you were in a sales job, you might have heard about this question, Sell me this Pen?
and why is that, people are not dumb to fall for anything you show them, it must be relevant to them and must be useful, and to convince them it’s crucial to get a hold on your language. If we master it and improve our communication skills then sales are easy to crack with marketing skills! We can rock it like Mr. Deepak. That reminds me of an incident where a smart man auctioned Eiffel Tower.
Don’t get the wrong idea here, but that’s the power of communication and sales skills.
There are lot of ways to improve your communication skills. You can even watch stand-up comedy to get the basic idea of trending phrases and humor to add in your sales pitch or while hosting a webinar, how cool is that Mr. Deepak surely makes learning more easy and fun.
You can also read books to improve or start writing daily a minimum of 500 words, listen to podcasts and many more options are available.



Being in the Digital Marketing industry everyone might have heard that “Content is a king”, and why is that?
Let me put it this way, what is a possible scenario where your audience will interact with, it can be an informative blog post or video or simple image with some text, providing value is important for gaining the trust of your followers. People like to hear from individuals not from the fancy brand, even we trust a single individual compare it to any other organisation working behind the logo.

Now the best part

Integrated Digital Marketing

It’s been 2 years, and I didn’t have a clear idea how digital marketing actually works and frankly speaking till today I have no clue how to automate everything around it, but integrated marketing is something else, you will know why is that if you have a look at the image below.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Basically, everything revolves around your content, where your fellow followers can remember you for the value you’re putting on with your content, you never know it might change someone’s life and you will become a brand, people will start admiring you for your work and start looking towards you as an expert in your field.
There are some basic things you can do to improve engagement and attract more visitors to your content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing.

After giving out free content to add value, It’s crucial to capture your follower’s email address or contact number, If you are planning to think a step ahead then email marketing is the ice breaker.
People like to hear from someone who always adds value in their life.
There is something called Halo Effect, you might have heard of it, I believe email marketing along with other tactics helps us to create a halo effect, and once it is created no matter what, people will admire you for your work and efforts you’re putting in to change their lives.

Content Marketing

Content marketing.

As mentioned earlier Content is a king and promoting your content is a part of every digital marketer’s strategy, Content depends on your audience, Is it problem solving? Is it helping your audience? And other tonnes of questions you can ask yourself before creating content. There are many more things involved when it comes to content but it’s you who is writing it or creating it so it plays an important role as always. Though it depends on you what type of content you want to create.
But the crucial part is to follow EAT formula which is Expertise, authority, and Trust.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising.

Nothing is free in this world, literally nothing, If it’s free then there has to be some objective behind giving out such valuable content for free, like we digital marketers basically give away free content or checklists to improve our email list or whatever reason it might be.
So if you’re holding yourself back then you’re in the wrong spot. Investing in ads or other informative programs or courses similar to Mr. Deepak has, is not a waste of money, money creates money and we know it right.
The same goes for paid well-optimized advertisements, as it is an easy and quick way to generate traffic, but we shouldn’t. Relying only on paid ads can cause you trouble, it’s just a part of Integrated Digital Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Relying only on paid ads can cause you trouble, it is always a good idea to optimize your content for SEO, paid traffic is having its own limits, it surely is overwhelming and seems the more easy way to do it but eventually when you don’t have enough funds to do it then what? Along with other tactics we apply, we must start doing SEO side by side, It’s not easy but it’s not impossible and guess what, once you achieve perfection then you will thank yourself for doing it and taking right steps, organic traffic is not something you have to pay for, it’s reliable and surely consistent. And hey you are not spending even a single penny to get that traffic. Isn’t it amazing?

Social Media

Social media.

I personally like to hangout on social media for a different reason and our visitors also do the same, different social media platforms represents different purpose when you focus on them as per your niche, non-Digital Marketing people think of it as a social platform where they will connect with their friends but for Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs like us it’s a Game Changer, there are so many opportunities and benefits of it, and its always a good idea to have a social presence where your potential customers hang out. It’s an easy way to interact with your users and build trust around your brand, and for sure to create MASS TRUST. Many things can be achieved using different social media platforms, each social media platform serves a different purpose for different kind of content we create, I believe we must choose our social media platform wisely when it comes to creating our own personal brand.

Sell & Convert

Sell & Convert.

There is no easy way of making money. We do realize that Don’t we?
After putting all these efforts from creating content to adding value with consistency there are higher chances of getting possible sales from your customer. If you directly face a person and ask him to pay even 1$, you won’t get it so easily. And if you educate them with your knowledge, show them you are an expert and assure them with proper results, they will definitely invest in your brand, even they will start speaking about your brand, how it changed their life, creating that small tripwire (Small transaction) through trust is difficult to achieve but once it’s done there is no returning back from it. People will trust you. Like we trusted in Mr. Deepak, Having a vision and different perspective is always an additional benefit to every Digital Marketer, Don’t you think!

Four Basic Factors of Success (CATT)

Four Basic Factors of Success (CATT)

C– Creating valuable and interactive content.
A– Grabbing attention.
T– Building Trust.
T– Transaction.

You must have got a brief idea of what I meant by CATT

Creating Content: The most important and crucial part of every digital marketing strategy, content either can skyrocket your brand, or bring you down. Most of us usually copy-paste someone’s else’s content whether it is a simple meme on social media or an article for our blog, sad truth but unless You really put your sweat in doing it, you won’t appreciate your own work.
Think about it this way, if you can’t invest time in creating content for your visitors then what makes you think they will value it!!

Grabbing Attention: You can’t sell anything to someone who is not even bothered to pay 2 or 3 seconds of his valuable time to pay attention, right? Eye-catching, attractive, and informative content plays a big role in it if you can engage your visitor in the first 5 seconds and bring his hopes up in reading further then it’s definitely a win-win situation.

Building Trust: So what makes a customer trust your brand? I believe its value, content and the experience they are getting only because of you if you can achieve doing it then I’m sure customers can trust you, your reputation will follow you as you walk among them. It is very crucial to build trust or you might not achieve what you desire. It’s a human tendency not to trust someone easily but if 5 out of 1,000 people are trusting you then too it’s a big achievement that’s what I believe.

Transaction: If your content is great, your visitors are paying attention to you and trust you for what you do and see you as an expert, If you come up with something which might help them achieve the same goals as you have accomplished then they will definitely buy the product or service you’re providing, At the end that is our main goal to become known and successful in our own Niche (area of expertise).

Selecting your Niche

Selecting your Niche.

What is the one thing you are really passionate about, it can be traveling or adventure sports, singing and so on? There are several areas you can focus on, just see to it that it has market opportunities.
And if you are really passionate and always enjoyed doing it then believe me with proper tactics you will be on top in no time in your industry.
If you can’t stick to one niche and improve your self in it, you cant succeed.
There are several ways to find a profitable niche, Asking Google through Amazon reviews which are also helpful.

Market Demand: so you decided your niche and started working on it, but are people really interested in these things or they are looking for something else, and you don’t have any idea about it.
So finding the correct market in your niche and what problems currently customers are facing, how your content can help them to overcome these difficulties or problems.
Consider before and after services and vulnerability or exploits they have and what makes the customer unhappy and try finding a solution for that problem.

Building Your Own Personal Brand

Building Your Own Personal Brand

As Mr. Deepak says,

“The Best Known Will Always Beat The Best”

The more known you are, the more value you deliver the more authenticity you gain and the key thing TRUST. As we mentioned earlier people like to hear from individuals, not from brands, so always showcase the self-in front of your audience and be yourself, the way you’re.
I still remember in one of the webinars Mr. Deepak said no one can become you because you’re unique and no one can copy characteristics or personality you have.
Don’t try to fit in or hesitate to put your content out.


keep in mind

“The One Discourages You Is The One Who Is Afraid Of Your Success”

And the benefits of personal branding are just endless!
You can build your own followers who admire you for the person you’re, fame will follow you by default if your brand is well known, people will contact you to speak in public to educate them about yourself and how you achieved your current goals and much more. You can always educate others and make a difference for them, there is no greater happiness than watching someone overcoming his/her own limits just because of you.

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel.

Move the free line:
It’s the upper and initial stage of a funnel where you give out value with free content which helps people to improve themselves

Building trust:
As we spoke earlier trust plays a major role when it comes to marketing, unless and until people start trusting you, you can not establish the tripwire with them. (Small transaction to establish trust)

Let’s face it. You can not possibly send 1000 or more emails to your followers manually, this kind of thing has to be automated to bring out most of it.
Automation is AR (artificial robots working for you without asking for payment or leave) How cool is that!

Connecting through automation:
If someone interacted with you then it’s always a good idea to let them know how you felt or appreciated their efforts, small acts can bring massive change when you’re building your brand and trying to establish trust among your followers, let’s face it, if you ask someone about something and didn’t get response then how will you feel?
Maybe you will feel ignored, right. To build a relationship in MASS TRUST through automation is necessary.

How Marketing Funnel Works ?

How Marketing Funnel Works ?

When considering mass trust among your audience,
It’s human tendency to hesitate when money is involved, and its natural, there are several factors involved may be the trust is not enough for them, they might have heard some negative rumors about you or some negative reviews from your competitors. Whatever the reason is we can’t assume that all of our subscribers or followers will end up paying us for our services or products.
So why the funnel is important.

Consider having one million people top of the funnel.
That’s 1,000,000 followers.
And at the bottom of the funnel, only 1,000 people have trusted you to pay X amount of money for your services or products.
That’s basically 0.1% of the conversion rate.

That’s the Reason MR. Deepak asked us to Create MASS TRUST in our very first Digital Marketing internship Program.


So what have we learned so far through this program

  • Your marketing strategy always revolves around Integrated digital marketing.
  • Creating mass trust is must.
  • Communication, sales, and basic economic knowledge are necessary.
  • Content is a king, without value-adding content you can’t place yourself in the market.
  • Grow your personal brand.
  • Read a lot to improve your language skills.
  • Understand human psychology and how it plays an important role in converting Leads into Customers.
  • You must automate your strategy to build a relationship.
  • Always interact with the audience to know the market needs.
  • You must automate your strategy to build a relationship.
  • Research a lot before writing or creating content.
  • Do not rely on one source to generate traffic, always try to improve your tactics.
  • Always plan out your marketing funnel strategy and have a clear idea of how you’re going to implement your goals.

I appreciated Mr. Deepak for coming forward and helping struggling digital marketers like us to improve our skills.
I hope this article summarised everything and helped you to understand the basic fundamentals of marketing, and which are the crucial measures you need to take to achieve your dream goals.

Kindly share your reviews on the above article in the comment section below!