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Is it safe to travel after lockdown, what are the safety measure I should follow to avoid any possible contact?

Many of us have this Question and we all are concern about it, so let me ask you this question. what is Safe travel mean to you after facing this Coronavirus pandemic while serving house arrest for months?

travel after lockdown, safety measures while travelling
How should one Travel after Lockdown

we all love traveling, visiting our favorite destinations but due to this global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we need to give it a thought before leaving our safe house and Exploring our Dream destinations.

To ensure your safe travel you should implement below things to eliminate coronavirus or any other disease while you’re out enjoying your dream destinations while travelling.

1. Have a Sanitization kit ready

travelers sanitization kit while travelling
Have a Sanitization kit ready

We all know now how important sanitization is. While planning your tour or travel journey you must include one Sanitization kit along with your toiletries. a decent sanitization kit must include.

  1. Hand Sanitizer
  2. Face Masks (N95 Recommended)
  3. Gloves
  4. Disinfectant liquid (eg. Dettol)
  5. Disinfectant spray
  6. Tissues

While traveling avoid touching any object, rather than touching the usual door handle or no try pushing the door with your elbow. Use hand sanitizer frequently after interacting with any person. Always wear a mask, Do not remove the mask at any cost unless necessary. do not reuse masks without disinfecting it. Avoid handshakes. Use disinfectant spray whenever possible. keep a safe distance while asking for directions.

2. Choose accommodation wisely

sanitizing hotel for travelers after lockdown
Choose accommodation wisely

Understanding the current scenario many top hotel brands started sanitizing each and every room including hotel premises however while booking any hotel you must consider asking below questions to any hotelier or you should check these things in person.

  1. How often sanitization takes place
  2. What safety measures are they following in their hotel
  3. Does hotel staff follow prevention measures while doing regular activities
  4. Does their staff is going through health checks or not

these are some of the common queries one should have, and why not even the hotel industry is getting their socks up to provide a safe environment for their guests.

3. Travelling will become Expensive

Travelling will become Expensive

Budget traveling is one of the finest quality among some of the travelers but due to coronavirus pandemic, many things have changed. people are spending more for hygiene Hence the to recover that spent money, we travelers will eventually pay for it in many cases like food accommodation and transport.

There is still another way around if you want to save your expenses while traveling but that’s another part of it. we recently had a study while working on a small survey focusing on our travel readers. people are more concerned about traveling expenses now.

4. Choosing mode of Transport

Choosing mode of Transport

As we all are well aware of coronavirus now and how to avoid it, hence using crowded modes for transport should be avoided, rather than choosing crowded bus or train, self-owned car or motorcycle is more preferable as there is no possible way of knowing who is a possible carrier of COVID-19.

In many states following social distancing is mandatory however people are a bit too much careless to follow these norms for their own safety. If you’re still planning your vacation and there is no better option than public transport then try to maintain social distancing at all cost. It’s not possible every time but try to take care of your self rather than falling sick and inviting unnecessary situation on yourself.

Hope these small steps will help you to travel safely and enjoy your Dream vacation.

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